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VJ Processing has more than 15 years of experience in due diligence and mortgage underwriting to help reduce the risk of flawed and fraudulent loans to its clients. We offer services from imaging, post-closing and quality control.

VJ Processing provides the best expertise and reliability of an industry convenience and of a single-source provider to ensure quality at every stage of the mortgage system.

Our proven and highly structured process incorporates unmatched insight into residential and commercial real estate practices. We are led by an experienced team of seasoned professionals with expertise from loan origination, servicing and REO disposition

At VJ Processing, we have a highly talented team of underwriters that are well-versed with every type of loan scenario:
⦁ Conventional
⦁ Non-QM
⦁ Jumbo
⦁ Super Jumbo
⦁ Automated and/or even Manual Underwriting for Portfolio loans

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